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I Started Lying (Down) And I Couldn’t Stop

October 19, 2014

Get Horizontal With...


Hello, I know I’ve not been here for a while, but since the last time you heard from me I’ve started up this blog’s namesake record label: Fulsome Prism Recordings.

I am almost sickeningly happy with the stuff I’ve released on there so far, including the debut album (I think) from Plastic Knife, the debut single by both Lil Leonie Lionheart and The Newport Dolls and a 30th anniversary tribute to Purple Rain – more of which later.

Just the other day, though, I was going through a handful of old usb sticks from my art school days, and found some audio experiments for an EP I hoped to release that was designed entirely for listening to while lying down. A lot of it, I must admit, was dreck. But there were a few scraps of things I still liked and thought I’d finally let them loose.

I don’t really know what lends audio drone collage, live ambient noise sculpture and an experimental improv orchestra (respectively) to lying down, but they seem to fit. I’m lying down now, for instance. Oh and also, thank you to John for sticking it on Discogs.


Download for whatever price you want here. And I just remembered there was a video to a couple of these too:


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