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2013 As A Mixtape

December 27, 2013


The above is a band that I really enjoyed this year. And here is a mixtape of songs that I liked an awful lot too:

2013 As A Mixtape by Ttfb on Mixcloud

Here is the tracklisting. There are links in it. I would recommend clicking them which is why I put them in.

Introduction (featuring Menagerie tuning up at Paper Mountain and ‘Thousands Of Years Of Progress’ by Grandmaster Gareth

MELT BANANA – Candy Gun (from the album Fetch)

DJ CLAP – Unbelievable (from the album Best Night Ever)

HER PARENTS – Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off? (from the album Happy Birthday)

LIGHTNING BOLT – Barbarian Boy (from the Adult Swim singles club)


NEON NEON – Mid Century Modern Nightmare (from the album Praxis Makes Perfect)


SUMMER CAMP – Fresh (from the album Summer Camp)

RAINBOW CHANSkinny Dipping 

NOW – No Feelings (Dirty Plate remix by Rebecca Closure) (from the album Repiled Skies)

BROTHERS HAND MIRROR – We Don’t Hide (from the Picture Tape EP)

TIRZAH – I’m Not Dancing (from the I’m Not Dancing EP)

GRANDMASTER GARETH – The Nobelisk (from the album Magical Sound Shower)

PHOENIX – Entertainment (Dirty Projectors remix)

CURSE – I Love It

LE1F – Damn Son (from the mixtape Tree House)

ERMINE COAT – Police Academy VII (from the album Parking Lots)

MIXED INFANTS – Wouldn’t Blame You (from the Does That Hurt? How About Now? EP)

WEAVES – Hulahoop

MELT YOURSELF DOWN – Fix My Life (Fixed by The Subliminal Kid) (from the Release! EP)

LI’L LEONIE LIONHEARTInternet Dating Website Universal Application (live at The Substation, Newport)

I particularly adore that last recording for a number of reasons. I love the song, so much so that I decided to release it this year, and I think the gig itself, at a renovated electrical substation in Newport (as part of the opening of an art/zine exhibition I was involved in) was pretty magical. The acoustics in the vast space meant that Leonie’s music seemed to blossom and ring into every nook of the building, while freight trains occasionally thundered by outside. Plus if you listen very carefully, you can hear one of the curators (Samantha) introducing her boyfriend to her dad.


As with every year I wanted this mix to fit onto a CD (look I still like them ok) and so I’ve had to leave some absolute corkers off. Therefore here’s some other audial things I would recommend to you from 2013:

I really really love the band Crotch who formed this year, and their brilliant song ‘Disgrace’ is here – also one of them is Point Bluff who released this good thing. The Lightning Bolt single from above was from the Adult Swim singles club which has some other awesome titbits in it (Run The Jewels! Metz! Autre Ne Veut! Dan Deacon! Madlib! Miguel! Etc!). Ergo Phizmiz continued to churn out genius nuggets somehow including a slew of free albums, for instance the album Idiot, I have no idea how he does it. After making the impossibly feelings-inducing Love Is Not Rescue album, and having toured his interpretations of AA Milne poems for a couple of years now, Chris T-T went electric again and brought in The Hoodrats to make a new ‘rocky’ album The Bear, of which this is the title track – meanwhile the artist formerly using the moniker Pagan Wanderer Lu released another album as Andrew Paul Regan, namely this one.

While I like Melt Yourself Down, some blistering skronk closer to home was The Impossible No Goods, they unleashed this a few months ago. Jacques Greene did a cracking remix of an already brilliant ‘Body Party’ by Ciara, meanwhile Oscar Key Sung covered Miguel really nicely. That guy hit it so far out of the park that it was in a different postcode on more than one occasion – here’s the video for ‘All I Could Do’, for instance. 

That Pixies song was alright, I guess. However, even though it’s only three seconds long, I listened to this preview of (hopefully) future Mutya Keisha Siobhan single ‘Boys’ possibly hundreds of times (for nearly a year now – get your finger out, MKS strategists). It sounds like it could potentially be ‘Freak Like Me’ levels of amazing.

Loads of people I saw live were great this year but have little or no web presence. I’m looking at you, Pretty Good Sex – googling your band at work is mighty risky. Sort of relevant is that Gilbert Fawn did something modestly wonderful around Melbourne this year to seemingly promote a smashing EP thing that appears to be loosely based on a TV programme about fishing in Perth, I’m not sure where you can get it online though (his older stuff is here). I’ve still not quite got my had around that The Knife album, I hope I do, but ‘Full Of Fire‘ was still magnificent. Oh and ‘Wrecking Ball‘ was great, obviously.

I hope you enjoy listening. Best of luck to you and yours in 2014, bud.

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