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2012 As A Mixtape

December 26, 2012

Happy New Year and everything.

Here is my mixtape of things I’ve liked this year. You can stream it here:

2012 As A Mixtape by Ttfb on Mixcloud

Or if you’re quick – and again of course I can not condone this – but if you want to download it, it’ll be here for a limited time. Yep, here. Or you can email me for it, I guess. Obviously I will have to tell you what a heinous act it is first, and then send it you.


I don’t think I will write such an extensive track-by-track breakdown like here and here, but I have a few notes:


  • Internet Forever s/t is my album of the year, hands down. If this embed works you can listen to it here:


  • The Church Of Hysteria are the band I saw live most this year. Once, it was in the upstairs of a pub while the man in front of me was so offended he put his fingers in his ears, like a cartoon weasel waiting for dynamite to go off. Once it was in a complete shithole, watching alongside two bemused and be-ponytailed businessmen and a dog, and (at the most recent gig) in front of a gaggle of headbanging kids. I don’t regret attending any of them (and I regret loads of stuff). You can hear their album Argyle below, I will try not to make all of these points bandcamp embeds.


  • Most of the new music I listened to this year could easily have conceivably been made ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago even. I’m not going to go ‘the full Simon Reynolds’ on you and explain why I think this is both a good and bad thing, and why that’s probably mostly my fault anyway. But Never by Micachu & The Shapes is the only album I’ve heard this year where, upon first listening, I couldn’t have imagined it being made the day before. This explains it better tbh.


  • This is surely the best music video made this year:


  • Err I think that’s it. I hope you had a wonderful year.
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