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Fish And Chips Bastard*

August 12, 2012


So I’ve not written on this blog for ages, sorry about that as usual. I have got a nine-to-five now. Err, yeah.

Anyway. Here’s some ace stuff I’ve written about in the past few months for the lovely Three Thousand, seek all of these out if you know what’s good for yer:

The films of Kenneth Anger. It was a push fitting this into two hundred words, I’ll be honest.

A Night Out In Frosnall Graaf, by Mike Hawkins. I think you can still buy it here. Yes, I’ve just checked and you can.

Being Born Is Goin’ Blind by Sam Wallman. He has a new collection of drawings here.

Band T-Shirt by Vanessa Berry. That reminds me I should really write something for My Band T-Shirt.

Grace Note by Keith Deverell. An art thing about drummers. That was my original review but they insisted on something more substantial.

The Many Faces Of George Grosz #1 by Keith McDougall. The only time in my brief history of writing for Three Thousand that someone’s tweeted me to say I’ve got my facts wrong. Can you spot where?

Textanudes by Arlene Textaqueen. I don’t think her work is pornographic, I should have made that clearer.

Hollywood Burn by Soda_Jerk and Sam Smith. I wish I’d actually gone to this screening.

Wok The Rock. What a dude.

Stay Home Sakoku by Eugenia Lim. I basically want to be her.

Blue by Pat Grant, basically the most important graphic novel released in the country this year. Buy it.

Classic Albums exhibition, an excuse to make jokes about Pink Floyd and tell more people about this.

The Guerrilla Girls, generally. I hope they’re coming back in April.

Eames: The Architect & The Painter. Also difficult to sum up the Eameses in so few inches.

Entertain Us!, by Craig Schuftan. See below.

Buffalo Girls, a film about Thai boxing nine-year-olds. Less harrowing than you’d except.

Panpsychic Household Solutions, where Katherine Riley will clean your house for free. Try it?

An Individual Note by Daphne Oram. Or some event to do with it. An excuse for me to gush about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop anyway.

Silent Army Storeroom. If you are in Melbourne and like comics you should go meet Mr Fikaris, he’s great.

I also done loads of listings. They won’t be relevant now.

*this is a reference to an Andrew O’Neill joke, btw.

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  1. Tongs of destiny permalink
    October 30, 2012 12:20 pm

    You stole the name “Fulsome Prism” bro.

    Bad karma.

    • October 30, 2012 12:47 pm

      Really? From whom?

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