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Thomas The Human Photocopier

March 6, 2012


A few weeks ago, as part of Sticky Institute‘s Festival Of The Photocopier, I unveiled to the world a revolutionary new type of office equipment: Thomas The Human Photocopier. A genetically-spliced cross between a photocopier and a human boy, the Thommox mod. 8612-A had its own induction session in Sticky where it operated adequately for most of the day. My pal V is pictured above using the mensch-machine – she very kindly mentioned it in her blog about Melbourne here.



Shortly after his completion, Thomas The Human Photocopier (‘TTHP’) gave an exclusive interview to Three Thousand, which included making a mixtape for them about what it’s like being a human photocopier. It sounds like this:

Thomas The Human Photocopier mix by Ttfb on Mixcloud


There is also a user manual that goes with TTHP. You can purchase it here or, if they happen to have run out, you can email me



Also, if you want to get TTHP to copy something for you, you can contact his representatives here.  


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