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Thomas The Human Photocopier – Induction Session & User Manual Launch

February 8, 2012

So I’ve organised this event for Friday 10th February, 6pm at Sticky Institute

Here’s the blurb:

As part of their Festival Of The Photocopier, Sticky Institute has exclusive loan of a prototype for a revolutionary new piece of office equipment – and global management company Blatt & Chifford invite you to its first unveiling.

Thomas The Human Photocopier is at the forefront of biological image reproduction, operating using a specially-selected non-automaton transfer system. In a document copying marketplace that for decades has been saturated with soulless xerography machines, the Thommox mod. 8612-A answers the demand for quick and easy image duplication with a human touch. After years of studying how photocopiers are used in both the workplace and the home – specifically in the field of surreptitious office leisure activities, such as zine-making – Blatt & Chifford have now succeeded in genetically splicing a photocopying machine with a human boy.

With the mensch-machine now ready for public consumption, Sticky Institute in association with Blatt & Chifford invite you to this inaugural induction session. There will be a demonstration of the Thommox operating instore and instruction manuals for sale, as well as a chance to use the unique new model for yourself; it is therefore advised that you bring along documents you’d like to have copied and some spare change. Who knows, you may even get to chat with the device itself. The user manual for ‘TTHP’ will also be on sale for the first time.

Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to see a functioning Human Photocopier before anyone else. Please note that anyone attempting to sit on TTHP will be forcefully ejected. Any enquiries please contact: theblatchfordgallery at yahoo dot com dot au.

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