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Swine time

November 24, 2011

Here’s a few more recent reviews I’ve done for Three Thousand – some zines, a couple of records and one art show. Firstly though I should point out that the above image is of me, Kelly Jayne Storey and Conal Thwaite, as photographed by Horror Sleaze Trash, fondling a pig’s head at the launch of Death Of A Scenester #4. I was honoured to have an article in that very ‘zournal’, which you can purchase / find stockists for here.

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve been reading / seeing / hearing:

Holly LeonardsonHomemade Tattoo Flash, a zine with a few tiny tattoo ideas. Think I’d get the pie and the soda myself. Available here.

Project BridgetVeganistan, a collection of vegan recipe ideas from the Middle East which look ludicrously delicious. Buy here.

Mavis McKenzieThe Life & Times of Mavis McKenzie #42, which I’m concerned isn’t actually written by an arthritic octogenarian, but it’s nice to dream. She’d come out of zine retirement specifically for Sticky‘s Feed The Animals fundraiser, which was nice. Available here.

Vanessa BerryDisposable Camera: The Melbourne Issue, also known as ‘The Puffer Fish’. What the zine queen did on her 24th or 25th visit to Melbourne. Available here.

Jess LucasGuru, a painting exhibition at Mr Kitly that claims to lightly mock, but probably just highly celebrates, self-styled self-help figures like Oprah.

Isle Adore‘Lazy’ b/w ‘Anytime’ 7″. I wonder if this band’s name is some sort of pun (like Isle Of Lucy) that I don’t quite get. Anyway, you can listen to the A-side of this record here.

Rat vs. PossumLet Music & Bodies Unite, an album you can just listen to here anyway.

Also, on Collapse Board, I reviewed the new Smiths reissues box set…with forty other people.


I should probably point out that from now on all my ‘extra-curricular’ zine reviews will be going on Sticky’s new blog, which is launching next week, but I’ll still be using this blog for…whatever it is I do otherwise.

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