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Zine review: Be Lucky! An assortment of odd Australian advertisements 1965 – 1972

November 5, 2011

Be Lucky!: An assortment of odd Australian advertisements 1965 – 1972, Homebrew Books, $3 (from Sticky.)


Be Lucky! was one of the more unusual contributions to Sticky’s Feed The Animals fundraiser, I reckon. Most of the zines were by well-established zine-makers doing the sort of thing we know they do so ace-ly, but this one came out of leftfield a bit. The collection of old adverts (apparently all found while researching through old magazines) are pretty amusing, in a ‘oh weren’t people silly in the past’ kind of way, and some of the wording made me chuckle (the Jesus Superstar Message Shirt that had “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE” emblazoned across it, for instance, or the keyring described as “not a metal tag but a god invoked with the MYSTIC POWER OF BUDDHA.”)

There’s only one very slight thing that I’d like to question, though, and that’s the use of the word ‘odd’. Yes, a lot of the advertised products are quite strange, or the sort of gimmicky things you used to get at the back of comic books – x-ray specs, lucky pendants, hypno-magnetisers – but some of it is crap that still gets pedaled nowadays in a similar way, like muscle-building programs and ‘lonely girls waiting for your call’. Plus there’s one advert for underwear. Underwear! Pretty sure that shops still sell that.

Still, if there’s any copies of this left – only 25 copies in the world, remember! – you should get it. They might not all be odd adverts, but they’re definitely interesting artifacts. Plus I really want a pair of Sinbad’s Bell Bottoms and some No Hands Binoculars now.

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