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Zine review: Come Inside My Body

September 3, 2011

Come Inside My Body, Rebecca Clements,, $5

Buy here or here.

I feel a bit crass even mentioning it, but it would be the elephant in the room otherwise: yes, I’m pretty sure that title is meant entirely innocently. The lack of purposeful double entendre is something you have to remind yourself of occasionally in this zine about exploring the author’s body (see what I mean?), because the content is so naïve and sweet it’s hard to believe there was anything smutty intended. This is a world where entering yourself means, somehow, leaving your body and becoming so small you can climb inside your own mouth to have a wander about, so the overall feeling is of being ‘child-like’ rather than ‘child-ish’. Even when the explorer character has a stroll around the “pee hole”, all she finds is fine art hanging on the walls and some free wine and nibbles, so unless that’s an oblique reference to the importance of internal feminine hygiene or something then I’m going to classify this whole comic as being not lewd in the slightest.
As a choose-your-own-adventure zine – which is an underutilised literary genre nowadays, if you ask me – it’s easy and fun to read several times over, although admittedly it does depend on your own threshold for tweeness. Okay, so only one of the possible narrative options has a happy ending, but routing around these insides is more likely to lead to a plush tea room or a quaint Japanese village than a load of bile and guts. It’s simply a pleasant read rather than a super-saccharine sweet one though, and for a set of illustrations apparently drawn and compiled in 24 hours is kinda remarkable. Plus, aside from one instruction that says “turn to page 24” when there’s only 22, the format is used and executed pretty well too.
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