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Annals Retentive: 2010 As A Mixtape

December 31, 2010

Here’s a mix to represent excellent stuff i’ve been listening to this year:

2010 As A Mixtape by Ttfb on Mixcloud


The tracklisting is as follows:
Frank SidebottomThree Shirts On Me Line (Live from the Salutation Pub, Manchester)
Taken from presumably the last gig that Chris…sorry, Frank ever performed, the modest and seemingly low in attendance launch event for this World Cup-themed song. Sadly it was only a couple of weeks before his untimely demise, and the one minute version of Guess Who’s Been On Match Of The Day was put on iTunes instead.
The BooksA Cold Freezin’ Night
Great thrift store tape-plundering romp from their album The Way Out on Temporary Residence.  Great video too:
Gorillaz White Flag
It might be like saying you the sort of person who still plays with Action Man or regularly argues about when the term ‘graphic novel’ should be used instead of ‘comic’, but i love Gorillaz more than ever thanks to my 2010 effectively being ‘the year of Plastic Beach‘. It may sound basically like a cross between The Great Escape, Stainless Style and the daisy age revival, but it easily saw their ever-widening ambition realised; any album that seems to incorporate Snoop, Gruff Rhys, Mark E Smith and the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music without turning into a murky grey is worth a shot, right? Shame Doncamatic was such a let down, mind.
Yellow Ostrich – Morgan Freeman’s Alleged Relationship With His Step-Granddaughter
From – naturally – The Morgan Freeman EP.
ApplicantsEvelyn Waugh
Single of the year as far as I’m concerned. Taken from the album Escape From Kraken Castle, which label Tigertrap have let you listen to in its entirety here. Considering it’s an album that embraces chiptune, noise, sea shanties and a paean to darts that “sounds like a cross between Pixies and Right Said Fred”, the single really had to stand out rather well. Also a good video, as mentioned previously:
Codex MachineC.M.’s Ghetto Menagerie
From my favourite and most listened-to compilation of this year, a remix album for a track that reached number 27 in the 2004 Festive Fifty despite being the subject of an unfortunate cease and desist from Oliver Postgate. Featured a rarity – as if his releases are now anything but – from Cowcube too, which was nice. You can download the album – yep, for free – at Wombnet.
Zola JesusPoor Animal
No Zola, thank YOU.
Summer CampGhost Train
As far as i can tell, this is the generally-accepted highlight (quite rightly) from my EP of the year Youth on Moshi Moshi. It’s all rather heartbreakingly magical and yearning and sweet. Also quite pleasing that, once their true identity was revealed, it turned out to be people i’ve actually heard of.
Janelle Monae O, Maker
Surely the most melancholy moment from The ArchAndroid, an album that otherwise showcases Janelle as both someone who could probably recite Speakerboxx/The Love Below off by heart (no bad thing) and, as Peter Serafinowicz puts it, the sex machine that James Brown was working on in his lab before he died.
Dimbleby & CapperWant This
Good to know that last year’s Beautiful But Boring was neither a fluke nor the peak of D&C’s creative output. High hopes for that debut album, then.
Tykylevits – Holiday
Gruff Rhys & Tony Da GatorraOh Warra Hoo!
The Andy Votel-produced Shark Ridden Waters shows promise for another corking solo album in 2011’s Hotel Shampoo (even if the accompanying sculpture was a bit less impressive than billed), but it was still good to see Gruff’s collaboration with hirsute peacenik Tony Da Gatorra let him display a rocky improvisational side that recent Super Furry Animals output has slightly rubbed the edges off.
PeepholesSleep In The Shower
Oh Upset The Rhythm, how you please one. And Katia and Nick of course.
It is a shame that Peter Robinson‘s attempt at the svengali life, Popjustice Hifi, didn’t have more success this year really, especially as Rosanna’s debut single suggests she could one day rival Robyn at the whole tears-on-the-dancefloor thing. Maybe. I wonder why she no longer promotes herself as Rosanna Munter, though?
The ChapWell Done You
This was bound to be good, it’s on a Chap album, after all.
Ergo PhizmizVolcano!
As i’m sure i’ve previously mentioned here, his album Things To Do And Make on Care In The Community is superb and charming and ace, and his opera about BBC breakfast DJ Chris Evans from this year is great too, but i thought i ought to add a topical-to-2010 song and this, being about the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull that ruined so many people’s travel plans, fits the bill. It is from his harddrive-bothering 50 hours of free music.
Chris T-TOpen And Shut
His awesome last album Capital saw his London trilogy close in rocking-out mode, so Chris T-T’s next move was the lusher, lovelier yet still rather angsty Love Is Not Rescue. Maybe in the next twelve months we might hear his proposed ‘unjazz’ project, or his EP recorded on LSD.
Anna MadeleineAnkles
Speaking of Chris and the Capital album, this is a version of a song from just that by his electro-inclined and optimistically-minded little sister. Does the turning of the protagonist to the other gender make it more sinister and threatening somehow? I think so, although i’m still not sure. This is borrowed lovingly from her wonderful debut EP The Angel, which also features the great and quite fittingly-titled 2010 1.
Das WanderlustSwan Song
If you google them you’ll see they’ve described themselves as an “exceptional, visionary pop band”, which i’m not going to argue with regardless of how ironic they might be being. They’ve only written two news update on their website in 2010 – which hopefully is a sign of being busy preparing a new album for next year, rather than slowly giving up – but if you hurry you can still download this track for free.
Sleigh BellsRill Rill
They couldn’t really save /\/\ /\ Y /\ from itself, but at least Treats was good.
Pagan Wanderer LuA Girl Named Aeroplane (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)
I realise my constant fanboyish use of hyperbole in favour of PWL is getting embarrassing now, but i can’t really see how European Monsoon isn’t my album of the year and a fitting way to mark his tenth anniversary. It’s also marvellous that serial remixers, disco aficionados and studio wizards Dreamtrak decided to have their way with atheist love song A Girl Named Aeroplane, to reliably astonishing effect.
Tim Key Waterloo (Poem Number 705)
From Tim Key. With A String Quartet. On A Boat.
Also, before i wish you a happy and healthy 2011 – actually, i’ll do it now: Happy New Year – i should say that, yes i know i know, but this is my pop video of 2010:
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  1. Nine permalink
    September 15, 2012 9:31 am

    That Applicants track! It sounds like it stepped right out of the mid-nineties, and the video only backs that up. Love it. Thanks!


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