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Things I Have Zine

July 29, 2010

Hello, sorry i know i’ve been quiet the past fortnight, i am currently in a whole different hemisphere.

Just a quick post really to mention that if you like self-publication and stuff then you’ll likely adore the new Zine Library in Bristol, here in dear old Blighty. Understandably if you’re in, say, America, Australia, The Republic of the Congo or Atlantis then getting there personally might be a bit of a hassle, so if you want to browse what they have on their recently-put-up shelves – without being able to actually leaf through them, i know – then you can have a butchers at their new tumblr page, which is a work in progress, and i have posted some of its pages as an image just above this bit of writing, doesn’t it look flipping super?

As you can see their catalogue includes content on an inter-motherhubbarding-national scale, from such esteemed authorstraters as (amongst many others) Chris Bird, Minty’s Big Apples, Synthia Nicole, that Nerf Jihad bloke, Jez Whitworth, What’s The Big Idea?, Jason Martin, SmooMutiny in Sydney, Cardboard Press and of course our fabulous pal V.

If you are in the area, though, they can be receiving you at Christmas Steps in Bristol – if i have my way i will hopefully be reporting from there soon.

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