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Twitterati: Average Batman

July 13, 2010

Twitterati sounds like some awful hypey name a ridiculous marketing team came up with dun’t it? Never mind.

Right, for those who say that twitter is not worth a jot because it’s mostly strangers telling you what they’ve had for lunch, just tell them that mundanity can be fun. It can be ‘fundane’. (Oh christ.)

Take for instance the simultaneously dull and incredible (incredidull?) (please stop me) comments like this:

Performed ‘you sexy thing’ on the bus. Janet asked if I thought I could win X Factor. I said ‘well, I believe in miracles love’. She smiled 2:55 PM Jul 6th via web

Had to get Mrs.B’s Tena pads from Superdrug today. Felt awkward so started to sing ‘I’m every woman’. Everyone clapped at the end. Mint 2:43 PM Jul 2nd via Twitter for iPhone

Then imagine it’s all done by somebody who dresses like / thinks they’re / could well be Batman. And that they sometimes film their daily activities as well:

You know what to do.

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