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July 7, 2010

So, will this mixcloud widget thing work this time?

Unjazz (For Chris & Rifa) by Ttfb on Mixcloud

God DAMN it.

Oh well. This was a mix that i created as a reaction to an EP that was due to come out called ‘Unjazz’. The more i thought about the word the more i considered it an actual term for a musical genre, and i found myself wondering more and more often whether a certain band or song would be filed as ‘unjazz’ or not. It opened up a world of grey areas for me, as i felt some jazz was unjazz, and that things that weren’t unjazz weren’t therefore automatically just ‘jazz’, and eventually i had to stop before i gave myself vertigo.

Anyway. Consider it basically a primer for people who feel they would like jazz if it wasn’t so…jazzy. The first example, Acoustic Ladyland, are the foremost exponents of unjazz (i even saw them called that in a review once) as they have draw heavily from jazz and punk in equal measure – they’re more like Lightning Bolt than John Coltrane, at least at superficially. Near the end is David Schafer who is definitely unjazz in the oppositional sense as, in his explanation of Forever In Love In Reverse, he tells of how the creative process behind the track was an attempt to rid the universe of Kenny G.

It’s not all as simple as that though, really. Maybe think of it as experimental music with pop sensibilities. Or vice versa. But it’s not necessarily experimental pop music. Look will you just listen to it and stop arguing with me before i go boss-eyed or something. (Love you.)

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